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The collision repair process involves a number of steps, which we strive to expedite in order to complete your vehicle as rapidly as possible, without compromising on the appearance, durability or safety of your repair.

The typical step-by-step process, from collision to completed repair:

  1. Following the collision, you should immediately obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. You should also obtain the information shown on the other driver's license, registration and insurance card, as well as his/her telephone number, checking to be sure the make and model of the car and its license plate number match the information shown on the registration card. Repeat the procedure for any other vehicles/drivers involved in the collision.
  2. If your vehicle is not drivable, have it towed (preferably by flatbed) by Moran Towing (201-991-4660) or by your local towing company to: Clydesdale Auto Body, 475 Schuyler Ave., Kearny, NJ 07032.

    If your vehicle is drivable, it may be advisable to drive only as far as necessary, since unseen damage may cause further problems during use.
  3. Report the accident to the NJ Motor Vehicle Department (required by law) and to your insurance company.
  4. Obtain a copy of the Police Report.
  5. Contact your insurance company, and inform them of the body shop that you have chosen. Then call Clydesdale to make an appointment and come in for an estimate. Once Clydesdale provides an estimate, the insurance company's representative visits you or Clydesdale to inspect your vehicle. If your vehicle is already here, we will obtain an agreed price with the insurance company. If the vehicle were in your possession, the insurance company would inform Clydesdale of the amount offered to cover the repair.
  6. With the approval of the quotation, you would drop off the car at Clydesdale (if it were not already there), and Clydesdale would order the parts. (Clydesdale can order the parts before the car is dropped off with a deposit of 10% of estimated parts cost, to expedite the repair time.) We work with Enterprise Rent-a-Car to provide a vehicle at competitive rates while your car is being repaired.
  7. A Clydesdale technician will then remove all necessary parts of the vehicle for further inspection and to affect a repair, and if any additional parts are needed, would order them immediately. At this time, it is occasionally necessary for the insurance company to re-inspect for supplemental repairs and to approve an amended quotation.
  8. Once all repairs are complete, your car is cleaned, detailed inside and out, and inspected (including test drive as appropriate), ready for pick-up or delivery.
  9. Payment can be made using all major credit cards including VISA, Master Card, American Express, or with cash and checks.
  10. You can pick-up your vehicle, or arrange for Clydesdale to deliver it to your door anywhere in Hudson, Essex or Bergen counties.

Installing painted vehicle fascia

When dropping off your car, it is important to remove all personal belongings, and to remove or disable alarms or provide us with all codes necessary. If in addition to your ignition key, there are any other keys for locks, roof racks, wheels, please make sure that you include them so that we are not hampered in our efforts to repair your car. Also note that if your battery needs to be disconnected, you may lose some electronic settings, so please make a note of them in advance. Lastly, please bring with you all of the paperwork you have assembled during the process regarding your insurance carrier, quotation, policy number, the name and phone number of your claim representatives, and a phone number at which you can be reached.

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